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Safe Picks

***IMPORTANT*** New "Safe Pick" Procedure***

The only athlete(s) guaranteed to be on your team is the child(ren) associated with your account. 

“Safe Picks" are the athlete(s) associated with your account, plus any other friends, family, former players, or kids you know you want to be on your team. You will have an opportunity to get a maximum of 3 Safe Picks.


Should two (or more) coaches have the same athlete chosen as their Safe Pick, that athlete will no longer be "safe" and placed back into the Draft.  

There are NO exceptions to our Safe Pick rules and/or procedures!

The Draft is FINAL

The Draft is final! We WILL NOT move kids after being drafted from one team to another. (Even if you forgot to draft your nephew, and now your sister is yelling at you during your family's Sunday dinner. (*That happened / True story*)

Late Registrations

The Draft is final...but not complete. You may see additional athletes join your roster after the Draft is over. Late registrations will be allocated to the teams with the fewest players. If the teams have an equal number of players, they will be assigned to teams randomly using the registration software.

***There are two ways to guarantee a Late Registration does NOT get on your team. 

1.) You ask that a late registration be placed on your team.

2.) The late registration asks to be placed on your team.

We automatically deny those requests and the Team that is requested is forfeited from being an option of the random draw.

We use as our drafting platform. randomly selects the order of the Draft. That order will not be determined and/or announced until moments before the Draft begins.

Snake Draft

 We draft all teams using a "Snake Draft" system. In a Snake Draft, the pick order is reversed each round. Each coach takes turns drafting a player via a back-and-forth, round-by-round draft order (i.e., Round One 1-6, Round Two 6-1, Round Three 1-6, Round Four 6-1, etc.) until all roster slots are full.

Buddy Requests

Buddy requests are noted on the draft form but are not guaranteed.


There is an “AutoDraft” feature that will be used under the following circumstances

-There is not a Coach assigned/allocated for a team.

-A Coach doesn’t or isn’t able to attend the Draft.

We will not be drafting on behalf of any coach. AI will be doing it.

Siblings On the Same Team

Siblings are automatically drafted to the same team. The additional player will act as your next pick(s) if you draft siblings.

Reference Columns

 Rank: There is a column with a number (1-5) in it. This is a SELF-REPORTED answer to the question, “Please rate the athletic ability of your child (5 being the strongest)”. You may or may not want to use this number when determining your next pick.

Previous Team: If you see an NFL Team listed, this is the SELF-REPORTED team they were most recently on. 


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